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Feb 10, 2013 10:00pm PST
and it could happen at the drop of of a dime. >> that is not true with most government run schools especially union ones. union teachers are happy that they can't be he suddenly fired but the charter teachers can be. >> you can get canned in a moment. doesn't have bother you? >> if i'm not doing my job per se and i was fired for that, so be it. >> if i was a doctor and i wasn't good i mean i wouldn't have a job. no one would come to me, right? >> i would hope not. >> you cannot maintain quality unless you can fire people says this charter founder. >> it is as many as we must and as little as we can have. >> have you fired more than ten? >> this three schools in eight years, yes. >> but while bad teachers might get fired good teachers are given freedom. >> they can choose the textbooks and teaching methods as long as they every quarter and every year make sure that the students are learning what they need to learn at the end of the day. >> in harlem, 43% of 8th graders get passing grades in state math tests. 100% of her kids passed. if such charters work why aren't there more of them? >> becau
FOX News
Feb 17, 2013 10:00pm EST
that will carry oil from canada to the gulf of mexico. and supporters say the government intervention is ill-advised. a popular washington state gun maker responding to-- after they passed a sweeping assault weapons ban and new restrictions on ammunition. a political battle also at the same time is set in another state, colorado. lawmakers there are preparing to vote on gun control measures as early as tomorrow. adam housley is live for us in los angeles with more. adam. >> yeah, harris, the political gun battle from small towns like california, all the way to the national state and of course at the state level, you mentioned new york and colorado over the weekend, it was all about gun laws, like a marathon session on saturday. saw four of them passed, including gun laws that do everything from banning the purchase of magazines that hold 15 rounds to others have purchase private sale of firearms and instituting a universal background check, it's a day long thing that happened on saturday and continues tomorrow and those in favor of the ban say it's absolutely essential. >> that is the common
FOX News
Feb 10, 2013 7:00pm PST
,000. >> catholic schools fire bad teachers. government run schools can't because teachers get tenure. >> why have tenures? most professions don't have tenure. >> when you went into organized crime you got to be a made person. there was like a ceremony. it is a nice thing. >> you like organized crime? you are in forever unless you die or are killed. >> there is that perspective of it. you are a good teacher there shouldn't be a problem with it. >> well here's one problem. not every teacher is good. some are really lousy. >> it's impossible to fire these tenured people. >> why? >> because there are a million steps. >> no there aren't there is no one. >> it is not one step it's all of these steps. >> this is the list of steps required to fire a teacher in my town. this is why most principals don't even try. they look at the list of appeals this one and just want to give up. or they push the worst teachers to transfer to another school. such a common way to avoid these rules is even a name for them. the dance of the lemon. it would be funny except these rules leave some kids stuck with terrible teach
FOX News
Feb 17, 2013 10:00pm PST
thing going on. meteors crashing in to buildings. [ siren ] government preparing for zombie attack. department of homeland security preparing for the end of times. you think i'm being overdramatic because my favorite show is "walking dead"? no. watch an actual training vide video. this is what happened, they reenacted a zombie attack. >> dana: why? >> eric: i don't know. >> dana: this is horse crap. >> eric: i don't know why they wasted money doing. this but the department of homeland security did that. this is not horse crap. >> dana: it's real. >> eric: zombies are are coming. >> dana: i hope they do. >> i don't believe you believe zombies are coming. >> i'm telling you. you have can't kill them. you can shoot them. shoot an arm off, leg off, they don't die. >> bob: if you get to oz the wizard could stop it. >> eric: you don't believe it? >> bob: no. "night of the living dead." remember they came up from the cemetery and shot them down? you got it in your head. what is a zombie and why is he going to they tack us? >> dana: why is the homeland security making video about it. >> er
FOX News
Feb 16, 2013 4:00pm PST
it will hurt government programs including national defense. tom military leaders warning that will hurt readiness. leon paneta said the cuts could turn america in a super world power. but just how much can it hurt our department of defense? is it hype? what is it? ? joining me is captain chuck nash. captain, thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure, harris. >> someone has the answer to the sequestitration fight. you are that someone. what is it? >> the big picture is president of the united states needs to send a budget over to capitol hill that is realistic and that means someone will it o one has been willing to vote for his budgetings. the house is passing budgets as law said and synding them to the senate. the senate has yet to pass a budget in the last four years. so the whole town is violating federal statut except for the house that is passing budgets. we find our both sides of the political aisle understand that the cuts must be made. because we are borrowing 43 cents of every dollar we sphend. instead of having political courage to make the cuts, they set themselves up in a gam
FOX News
Feb 10, 2013 4:00pm PST
that killed four americans. >> i do believe if he had picked up the phone and called the libyan government these folks could have gotten to the airport out of the annex and last two guys could have been alive and if he did call the officials, and blew him off and affect whether i give foreign aid in the future to libya. if he failed to call on behalf of those under sage, a massive failure by leadership and commander-in-chief. but democrats suggest that they're doing the country a disservice, near is harry reid. >> and press center unwarranted to stop or attempt to try to stop the secretary of defense and the cia director. we need the men and women need the secretary of defense, chuck hagel's imminently qualified to be that secretary of defense. >> and jack reed of rhode island and the senate armed services committee postponed a vote on hagel until this week and it could come up as early as this coming week, harris. >> anybody who thought this issue was going away, woefully underestimated it. steve centanni, part of the opposition of john brennan to head the cia is his role in creating a co
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)